BPO Franchise

FOCO Franchise Model (Franchise Owned, Company Operated)

The FOCO franchise model of Delta Bpo Solutions offers a fixed monthly pay-out of INR 100,000 to the franchise owner. The company covers expenses such as office rent, electricity bills, employee salaries, and internet bills. In return, the franchise owner is responsible for providing monthly references and will receive a payment of INR 25,000 for each reference provided. The franchise owner must also provide all necessary facilities, including office space, staff infrastructure, computers, and internet connections, at their own cost. Payments to the franchise owner will be made for a period of 24 months, and all operations and business activities within the office premises will be managed solely by Delta BPO Solutions, with no interference from the franchise owner.

Franchise Fee: 5 Lac Plus GST
Payouts: 100,000/- Fixed Monthly + Office Rent + Employees’ Salaries + Electricity & Internet Bills
Requirements: Office Space + Employees + Infrastructure + Setup of 5 Computers
Payment Mode: Advanced post dated cheques or NEFT/RTGS/IMPS
Agreement: 24 Months
Reference Amount: 25000 per reference

Total Income after 24 months comes out to be minimum 24 lacs.